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                            Is online gambling legal? It all depends on where you live. LastSeptember, several U.S. lawmakers are trying to crack down on the industry byclarifying existing U.S. laws and making it easier to go after offenders.Actually, opinions vary on whether the online gambling should be banned. Thefollowing are some of the typical opinions on the issue. Read them carefullyand write you response in NO LESS THAN 300 words, in which you should:

                            1. summarize briefly the opinions;

                            2. give your comment.


                            Reduce OnlineGambling Through Education

                            With the access to the Internet, people can gamble whenever andwherever they want, so the present society has witnessed a dramatic increase ofonline gambling. Concerning such a problem, some critics, like professors fromBaylor University and U.C. Berkeley, suggest legalizing the online gambling andregulating it properly, while the otherr two critics above advocate a strongprohibition on online gambling. For me, prohibition is necessary if we want tocontrol the online gambling; what’s more, if we want to accomplish the goal ofreducing online gambling in the long run, education is the key.

                            For one thing, the effect of legalizing online gambling is stillquestionable and it is dangerous for the government to do away with theprohibition on online gambling. Les Vegas, where gambling is legalized, is aperfect example to illustrate this. Now an increasing number of casinos arebeing constructed there. Why is that? Without doubt, the ultimate reason isthat there are an increasing number of gamblers flocking there, and the samegoes for online gambling. Thus, to ensure the reduction of online gambling,legalization is not a reliable way. Prohibition is still needed.

                            For another, in order to persuade people out of gambling online,prohibition is not enough and education is the key. A recent study has shownthat the younger generation in the U.S. is less inclined to smoke than theelder generation because now the younger generation has a relatively thoroughunderstanding of the harms of smoking to their healthh. Likewise, we can solvethe problem of online gambling in the same way: tell them the harm and adverseconsequences of online gambling on top of banning such a behavior.

                            In conclusion, when faced with the problem of online gambling,the government should first place the prohibition on it. Then for the long-termeffect, it should strive to educate people, especially the younger generation.Only in this way can the number of online gamblers be reduced.